Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads (Online - AM)
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Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads (Online - AM)

Online Workshops: English with English Handouts


People buy from those they Know, Like, & Trust. If people do not know you, they will not buy from you.

Do your customers know who you are? How can digital marketing grow your sales pipeline with quality customer leads?

This workshop will introduce and help you gain clarity in how you can use Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads Generation.

What our Participants say:

"Precise, well-organised and practical. Live demonstration of backend manipulation along with the tutorial and introduction of practical marketing tools."

... Pamela Chan, Sniper Capital
Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads

"I like the top 6 email marketing tools topic"

... Kaman Un, Sniper Capital
Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads

  • Marketing and Digital Marketing executives.
  • Individuals who would like to learn more about Digital Marketing Strategy and how they can generate leads.

Interactive online lectures using ZOOM Cloud Meetings. All participants must be equipped with camera, microphone and speaker to participate fully in the online discussions. ZOOM Cloud Meetings could be used on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones

What You Will Cover
  1. UNLEASH the POWER of Digital Marketing
    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • The key difference between Social Media and SEO/SEM
    • Common mistakes in digital marketing adoption by small businesses (Watch 3 min animated video)
    • What is a Sales Funnel, and how is it applied in Digital Marketing?
  2. The 3 stages of a buyer’s journey on the Internet
    • Difference between Social Media's Buyer's Journey and SEO's Buyer's Journey
  3. Lead Generation Concept & Strategies for Social Media
    • What is the best Ad Type on Facebook for Lead Generation?
    • Pros & Cons of Lead Gen Ads on Social Media
    • Let's setup/launch your very first Lead Generation Advertisement from your Facebook Business Page
  4. SEO vs Social Media Leads
    • How different will your marketing message be?
    • Which lead generation method (SEO or Social Media) provides the fastest results?
  5. How will you follow up with Leads Generated?
    • Top 5 reasons why we need to consider Email Marketing in Digital Marketing for Leads
    • Top Email Marketing Platforms that are FREE for businesses to use
  6. Q&A with Trainer
About the Facilitator

Charmaine is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at a digital agency and as one of the pioneer in the digital marketing industry, she started her first design agency in 2010. Out of her passion to share her social media and digital marketing knowledge with marketers, she has developed more than 12 digital marketing curriculums, and has conducted trainings in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Mauritius.

She is a veteran trainer with many renowned organisations in Singapore and has trained more than 1,200 individuals and conducted more than 1,950 hours of training on digital marketing and related subjects for marketers and business owners in the last 5 years. Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. That’s how she learn, and that’s how she shares her knowledge with others.

9:30am - 12:30pm
HK$1,300 per participant. Special discounted fee of HK$1,188 per participant for enrolments one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more