Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team (1 day)

Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team (1 day)

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Learn how you could revitalise your older work force through a reverse mentoring program where generation X and baby boomers are encouraged to learn from the younger generation Y and millennials.  Through the mentoring program, the senior work force is encouraged to learn and to stay relevant in today’s internet and social media world. You will learn to design successful mentoring programs that encourage the different generations to cross-learn and appreciate each other’s strengths better; thus fostering collaboration across an inter-generational workforce. And by getting the different generations to mentor each other, you will have a happier and synergised team that constantly yields higher business results.

What our Participants say:

"I thought I was going to learn how to mentor the younger generation. Surprisingly, I learnt a new approach to reverse the mentorship from the young generation. Good learning "

... Vinci Lai, Japan Tobacco (HK) Ltd
Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team

"I like the impart of communication framework & organisational psychological theory. Gained more than mentoring and cross gen understanding."

... ... Cara Chu, Estee Lauder Asia Pacific Limited
Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team

"I like all the topics; especially the 1st half session on understanding the generation gaps"

... Linsie Chui, AIA International Limited
Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team


Senior managers, HR professionals, managers and supervisors who have to manage cross-generation teams and would like the different generations to work better together to achieve common business goals or higher business results

What You Will Cover
  1. Workplace Challenges Today
    • Definition of age groups
    • Shrinking young work force and its challenges
  2. Reverse Mentoring Program
    • Mentoring origins and forms
    • Benefits and challenges of reverse mentoring
    • Case Study: Model Company
  3. The Mentoring Process
    • Stages of mentoring process
    • Common challenges, critical success factors, resources & practical tips
  4. The Gen X or Baby Boomers’ Role
    • Getting involvement and engagement
    • Mindset towards mentoring by Gen Y or Millennials
  5. The Gen Y or Millennials’ Role
    • Selecting a good mentor
    • Learning styles and mentoring skills to foster acceptance
    • Why Gen X or Baby Boomers are challenging
  6. Measuring for Success
    • Success factors, criteria and measuring
About the Facilitator

Eileen is an Organisational Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in HR, talent development, sales, marketing, customer service, operations and banking. Her last held corporate position was as Global Head of Talent and Learning at Thomson Reuters where she was responsible for employee engagement and succession planning for over 6,500 employees in Asia Pacific. Prior to that, she was the vice-president, customer services and operations for Societe Internationale Telecommunications De Aeronauticals (SITA) where she increased customer loyalty from 56% to 95%. And she had also worked in Singapore Network Services, Asia Commercial Bank and Defence Science Organisation, a Singapore government invested corporation. Eileen has a Masters in Organisational Psychology & Management of Human Resources from the City University of New York where she was awarded the prestigious Beta-Gamma-Sigma award for achieving the top 10% academic excellence. 

WorldBridge Training Centre, 160 Lockhart Road, 1902 Yue Xiu Building (1 min walk from Wanchai MTR A1 Exit)
9:00am - 5:00pm
Complimentary lunch and refreshments
HK$2,600 per participant. Discounted price of HK$2,380 per participant for enrolment one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more