One-Minute Energy & Creativity Boosters with Positive Quotient (1 hour - PM)
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  2. 28 Sep 21
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One-Minute Energy & Creativity Boosters with Positive Quotient (1 hour - PM)

Online Workshops: Cantonese


After you have completed the course, it will enable you to:

  • Understand impact of positive intelligence & positive quotient on happiness & creativity 
  • Understand how positive intelligence & positive quotient can uplift your energy and performance
  • Practice the skills of boosting PQ to enhance your mind-focusing ability (for clarity and better decisions)   

Everyone from all sectors

What You Will Cover
This workshop content is based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and research basis of Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestselling book of Positive Intelligence, and Stanford lectures.
  • What is positive intelligence & positive quotient (PQ)
  • How to maintain X-factor of mental agility and happiness?
  • Boosting PQ - Boosting your energy, mood & performance
    • 1-min Practice of boosting your PQ 
    • 1-min Practice of boosting your positive energy 
    • 5-min Practice of Everyday Energizer on Mind-focusing (Breathing Practice) 
  • PQ SMART Foodies - Share tips of foods that will uplift your energy and mood
About the Facilitator

Ms Ngai has 20 years of diverse experiences as Corporate HR and Learning & Talent Development Manager. She had served Global Banks (HSBC, Hang Seng Bank and Bank of China), and Global Sourcing, Testing & Certification sectors. Over the last decade, her career focus was on organization development for talent management, enhancing people and sales effectiveness, building cultures and leadership capability.  Her last role was the Project Manager of Bank-wide Retail Transformation and Learning Academy Manager of Hang Seng Bank. With this unique work opportunity, she was empowered with extensive experiences of using Agile and Lean approach to support change in the project management of retail transformation.   

1:00pm to 2:00pm
HK$480 per participant.