WorldBridge Public Workshop Schedule

Workshop Name Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 Jun 2021
New 10 Phrases Any Employee Should Not Say to Your Boss! (3 hours - AM)
New 15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees (3 hours - PM)
New 20 Powerful Icebreakers for Online Meetings and Training (3 hours - PM)
New 5 Secrets to Improve Your Virtual Meeting Image (1½ hour - AM)
5-Minute Skin Care for Professionals! (½-day Weekend Sharing Session HK$320 - AM)
New Achieving Excellence through Self & Team Leadership (2 days)
Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction for Supervisors (1 day)
New AQ - The REAL Application in Leadership (3 Hours - AM)
New Boost Performance With A Multi-Generational Workforce (3 hours - AM)
Business Talk and Networking with English Speakers (½ day - AM)
New Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media (3 hours - AM)
New Creating Greater Value to Your Bosses (3 hours - PM)
Creating Livelier Newsletters, Ezines & Flyers (1 day)
New Creativity... The Secrets! (1 day)
New Crisis Management for HR Business Partners (1 day)
Customer Service through Better Communication (1 day)
Daily Team Briefing Skills (1 day) 25
New Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads (3 hours - AM)
Effective Business Writing for Success (2 days)
New Effective Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals - Part I Online Session (3 hours - AM)
New Effective Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals - Part II (Half day AM In-Class)
New Email Marketing with MailerLite (3 hours - PM)
Event Organising Skills for Secretaries and Administrators (1 day)
Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day (1 day)
Getting to Know the Media (1 day)
New Guide to Effective Interviewing (1 day)
New How to Be Happy in Bad Times (3 hours - PM)
Improve Business Productivity to SEE Profit (3 Hours - PM)
Influencing and Working with Internal Business Associates Successfully (1 day)
Instant Japanese© 即學即講日語會話 (Flexible schedule, Flexible pax)
New Leading an Interactive Online Training Session (3 hours - AM)
Managing Communication with Stakeholders ~ ACTION© Managers (2 days)
New Managing Performance In Challenging Times (3 hours - AM)
New Maximise Profit from Good Decision! (3 Hours - AM)
Negotiate for Better Deals! (2 days)
New Negotiation for Technical Professionals using STEM Approach (1 day)
New One-Minute Energy & Creativity Boosters with Positive Quotient (1 hour - PM)
New Online Hiring Essentials with NLP (3 hours - PM)
New Online Meeting Facilitation Skills (3 hours - AM)
New ONLINE Training Anniversary - FREE Review and Experience Sharing Session (PM)
New Performance Management Best Practices (1 day)
Phone Behaviour for Effective Communication (½ day - PM)
Presentation Skills… The Secrets! (2 days)
New Project Management Essentials For Success (2 days)
Quick Steps to Business Contract Law for Non-Legal Practitioners (1 day)
Quick Steps to Present Effectively (1 day)
Quick Steps to Win Negotiations (1 day)
New Save CO$T$! Create Your Own Online Content (3 hours - PM)
SEE Profits by Streamlining Operations (1 day)
New SEO Internet Marketing Fundamentals (3 hours - PM)
Smart Decision Making to Max Business Results (1 day)
New The WWW to Win Negotiation (3 hours - PM)
Tokyo Guest House 東京民宿 (Flexible schedule, Flexible pax)
New Top 10 Business Writing Tips (3 hours - AM)
Train-the-Trainer (Facilitation Skills for Managers) (3 days)
New Using Q&As in Online Conferencing (3 hours - AM)
New What You Need to Know About Time Management (3 hours - PM)
Writing CLEAR ACTIONable© Emails (1 day)
Writing for Excellence in Customer Service (1 day)