WorldBridge Public Workshop Schedule

Workshop Name Dec 2022
10 Phrases Any Employee Should Not Say to Your Boss! (Online - AM)
15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees (Online - PM)
20 Powerful Icebreakers for Online Meetings and Training (Online - PM)
5 Secrets to Improve Your Virtual Meeting Image (Online - AM) 8
Achieving Excellence through Self & Team Leadership (2 days) 19-20
Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction for Supervisors (1 day)
AQ - The REAL Application in Leadership (Online - AM)
New Boost Performance With A Multi-Generational Workforce (Online - AM)
Business Talk and Networking with English Speakers (½ day - AM)
New CEO 的說話 - Speak and Get Results Workshop 1
New Creating Effective Facebook Ads for ROAS (Online AM) 1
Creating Greater Value to Your Bosses (Online - PM)
Creating Livelier Newsletters, Ezines & Flyers (1 day) 12
Customer Service through Better Communication (1 day)
Daily Team Briefing Skills (1 day)
New Designing Online Training to Deliver Results! (Online - PM)
Digital Marketing Strategy for Leads (Online - AM)
Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals - Part I (Online - AM)
Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals - Part II (Half day AM)
New Effective Problem-solving with DMAIC Lean Approach (1 day) 14
Event Organising Skills for Secretaries and Administrators (1 day)
Facebook and Instagram Content Marketing Strategy (Online - AM)
Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day (1 day) 16
Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team (1 day)
Happiness at Work to Increase Productivity (1 day)
New How to Be Happy in Bad Times (Online - PM)
Improve Business Productivity to SEE Profit (Online - PM) 9
Influencing and Working with Internal Business Associates Successfully (1 day)
New Inspiring your team for Peak Performance with MBTI (1 day) 6
Instant Japanese© 即學即講日語會話 (Flexible schedule, Flexible pax)
New Law of Contract Simplified! (Online - PM) 16
New Lead Generation with Instagram Ads for ROI (Online AM) 2
Leading an Interactive Online Training Session (Online - AM)
New Learn to Coach GEN Z with Effective Results (1 day) 9
Managing Communication with Stakeholders ~ ACTION© Managers (2 days)
New Managing Generational Diversity in the Workplace (1 day)
New Maximise Profit from Good Decision! (Online - AM) 9
Negotiate for Better Deals! (2 days)
New Negotiation for Technical Professionals using STEM Approach (1 day)
Online Meeting Facilitation Skills (Online - PM) 7
Performance Management Best Practices (1 day)
Phone Behaviour for Effective Communication (½ day - PM)
Presentation Skills… The Secrets! (2 days) 1-2
New Quick Steps to Effective Business Writing (1 day) 8
Quick Steps to Present Effectively (1 day) 1
Quick Steps to Win Negotiations (1 day)
SEE Profits by Streamlining Operations (1 day)
New Selecting the Best Fit with Competency-Based Interviews (1 day) 13
Smart Decision Making to Max Business Results (1 day)
New Successful Project Management with Agile Approach (1 day) 7
New The Making of a New Supervisor in One Day (1 day)
The WWW to Win Negotiation (Online - PM) 8
Tokyo Guest House 東京民宿 (Flexible schedule, Flexible pax)
Top 10 Business Writing Tips (Online - AM) 7
Train-the-Trainer (Facilitation Skills for Managers) (3 days)
Using Q&As in Online Conferencing (Online - AM)
New What You Need to Know About Time Management (Online - PM)
Writing CLEAR ACTIONable© Emails (1 day) 15